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You’re Successful, Now What?

You’re at a great point in your career and you’ve done some cool stuff. That’s an awesome feeling. But you may have another, nagging little feeling, too: What’s next? What do I do now?

That impulse is an occupational hazard for creators and achievers. It’s there to nudge you into making a shift, to opening yourself up to the world you don’t know. You aced getting from Point A to Point B in your career. But what gets you to Point C might be something else entirely.

Take some time to catch your breath and think about how to make this next level exciting. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Revisit what you care about and where you want to grow. Maybe you used to be motivated by recognition but now you want to bring more service into your life. Check in with your values and whether your life is in sync with them.

Get clear about your legacy. Every day you create a legacy, but is it the one you intend? Are your actions leaving the mark on the world that you want to leave? Our free downloadable worksheet can help you with these questions.

Identify your next goal and how you’ll achieve it. Make it juicy. Make it vivid. A good goal gets your heart racing. What milestones will lead you to this goal? How will you break those milestones down into action steps?

Embrace your leadership role. Resist the urge to jump into the daily tasks that need to be done. Strategic, higher-level work is the best use of your talents now.

Look at your relationships. Your network should include people you want to spend time with, grow with and learn from. Elevate your relationships as you elevate in your career. 

Take a class. The one you’ve always put off because it didn’t seem practical or it seemed out of your league.

Like these ideas? Want to explore them more? We talk about setting the stage for your next act in The Creative Executive Method ® course.

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