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How we work with dynamic, growing organizations just like yours

Global Tech Company

Our challenge: Help a global web services company shift from a long-term startup to a legacy institution and deepen its leadership bench using 360 assessments and executive coaching.



LArge city municipality

Our Challenge: Facilitate a strategic planning summit with 14 executives with the goal of finding alignment to determine the future viability of 25+ department programs.

$2BN+ Insurance Leader

Our challenge: A five-year-long partnership with new executive team to develop leadership effectiveness across the organization + codify key culture cornerstones to improve employee engagement.


$2bn+ Insurance Leader

Our Challenge: A multifaceted engagement working with the new President, CEO + executive team to scale leadership and culture during a strategically important transition.

Global AD agency

Our Challenge: A yearlong coaching and multi-sensory training program designed to help 54 agency executives cultivate personal growth and organizational success at a time of foundational change.


Culture Shift

science + tech consultancy

Our Challenge: Help a successful company evolve from a founder-based leadership culture and build a decentralized, individual approach to leadership development.

operations executive

Our Challenge: Help a star performer increase her leadership influence and impact and develop better relationships in a highly-reactive and under-resourced work environment.



female director, fortune 1000 Tech

Our Challenge: Help a natural leader develop the confidence and assertiveness needed to inspire and motivate her team to align with the organization’s vision and drive new set of KPIs.

director, Top-Tier ad agency

Our Challenge: Help a dictatorial-style leader understand his impact and shift his leadership approach towards a mindset of collaboration and generosity.