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Why You Need Feedback Even When You Think You Know Yourself

Feedback can make us squirm, especially if you’re a perfectionist.

That’s true even though a lot of times we aren’t actually that surprised by the feedback. You probably already have some idea how you’re doing. You notice things like whether your team leans in when you talk or glazes over, whether they pounce on projects or wait to get every cue from you. (Need some help gauging how others see you? Our free downloadable personal branding worksheet has it.)

So why do we still need to ask for feedback? Why do we have to do those dreaded 360 reviews?

Even if you have a pretty good awareness of your performance and your effect on others, it’s not complete. Unless you get feedback, you’re going solely on your own perceptions. And those can be shaped by everything from the mood you’re in on a particular day to the unspoken (and possibly off-base) “rules” you picked up from your first job or even from your family.

You can’t be at your best if you act on limited information. Excellence requires outside feedback, ideas and perspectives. (Tweet+Share)

Seek them regularly from your bosses, your team and your peers. Venture outside your bubble and tap the wisdom of someone in a different department, or even a different industry. This is one of the key things you can do to grow. Even if it’s hard to hear in the moment, feedback ultimately makes you more powerful.

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