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Do Your Actions Today Match Your Goals For Tomorrow?

It’s often not obvious – but we are always ‘preparing’ for something. It’s easy to look back on life and see how the choices you made prepared you for where you are today.

But it takes a unique person to be able to

look at where they want to go and make the active preparations to get there. If you are naturally a ‘yes’ person, it requires saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t align with your goals. If you are a ‘no’ person, it requires deciding what you should say ‘yes’ to and putting some serious skin in the game.

Active preparation requires us to be honest with ourselves.

I invite you to look back from where you are today. Look back at the last 10 years.  What got you here?

Now look where you are today in relationship to the next ten years.  Are the actions you’re taking preparing you for where you want to go?

It sounds so simple, but give it a try. Give it some serious time, maybe ten minutes each morning for two weeks. Or an hour each week for the next four weeks. It takes work and concentration. You will no doubt be amazed by what you find out about yourself and what you’re capable of. Don’t want to go it alone? Our Creative Executive course is designed to bring you clarity, confidence, and a community to make it happen. 

The vast majority of the successful people I know are successful because they are clear about vision – this week, this year, this lifetime. Clarity is king (Tweet+Share), and preparation brings clarity.

We’re here to help you get ready for your future – Today.

This article first appeared on Jen Spencer Coaches’ blog.

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