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Creative Leadership in Action:
Jeff Hitchcock

Jeff How do you champion your team? I always give credit where credit is due.  Also, my wins and my teammate’s wins are the team’s wins. How do you build trust with your team?  I encourage
innovation and creativity as much as possible and ask frequently, “What do you think is the best solution, best next step, best response, etc.?”  I also always remember to say “thank you.” What’s your best tip for others on how to Make it Happen with their goals? I have found great success using the “Your Best Self” exercise I learned from The Creative Executive Method ® .  I believe that others truly find it refreshing and empowering to envision the whole picture of themselves when setting their goals (I certainly do). What is the greatest challenge you have been able to overcome in your career?  Figuring out what I do really well and what my value is to an organization. What was your biggest insight from taking The Creative Executive Method ® Now that I am several months removed from The Creative Executive Method ® , the biggest insight I gained is two-fold. First, is the imperative of consistent awareness regarding how my team is doing, how I am doing and how we are making things happen (or not). Second, is the importance of responding accordingly so long as the response is constructive and positive. Fortunately, I picked up several useful tools and ideas from Jen on how to be aware and how to respond.  I also try to be conscious of how other leaders think and behave with their teams. What are you most excited about within your career moving forward? Honestly, I am most excited to be in a position where I can play a role in creating an environment in which my team and others around me can do their best work and realize their best selves. Jeff is the MANAGING DIRECTOR/Recruitment & Admissions, West Region, CITY YEAR. You can follow him at @jeffreymarkley.

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