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The Creative Executive Reflects on the Best of 2014
Part Deux

We’re beginning Part Two of our Best of 2014 list with, well, lists. A big part of creative inspiration is discovering the peers whose stories, bright thinking, and advice we can all learn from. Here is a recap of our best-of lists from 2014:

Bold Decisions, Creative Risks, and General Badassery: Our Favorite Movers and Shakers – Since the Creative Executive serves the creative community, we understand all too well the innate risks and challenges of making your living from a creative source. Questions like, “Will I be able to pay my bills?” “Can I take that small client with tons of opportunity, or do I stick with building relationships that are consistent, but not always as sexy?” “When do I make that career leap, and how will I know it’s the right time?” are a constant (especially for those itching for change). This list celebrates the creative leaders and risk takers who have made big moves and lived to tell about it.

Ones To Watch – Trailblazers We Are Following That Make Us Think, Act, and Innovate – And while our list above celebrates the creative leaders in action, this list is about the thinkers, writers, and mentors who serve the creative community. These folks help you stay engaged, stay inspired, and keep your on your toes.

Inspire, Move, Transform: Top Resources for Honing Your Pitch – You can make that move, you can be inspired and ready for action – but if you can’t sell it… well… you’re only going to get so far. That’s why we love this list of resources for honing your pitch. And, as we mention in the article, “presenting is a muscle we have to train and exercise” so don’t forget those muscles in your 2015 resolution!

Mind Bone: Turn Your Work Mode Off and Turn Your Creativity Up – Ok, the last three lists are about turning it up, and we’re rounding out our recommended lists for those who want to, well, turn it off. These are our favorite resources for that moment when you want to turn up creativity but don’t feel like working, working. You know, more like working it. Enjoy. And if anything, please add “Mind Bone” to your working vocabulary.

Best Lists of the Web:

100 Questions To Guide Any Creative Product” from George Zisiadis on is a GREAT resource for creatives and freelancers.

How To Be Creative – The always provocative Jonah Lehrer for the Wall Street Journal also includes – wait for it – a list of “10 Creativity Hacks.” Enjoy.

This Twitter List – Gotcha! Ok, so it’s not content, but it is our custom-curated twitter list with some amazingly creative, inspirational, and super smart folks in our network. (And I mean, while we’re on the topic of self-promotion, we do hope you joining our mailing list).

Enjoy our round-up and use it as a reminder to celebrate what YOU are most proud of in 2014!

This is a two-part series – Part One can be found here.

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