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Something to Look Forward to All Winter Long

It’s December.  The holidays are here in full force.  How do you feel?  Is the gratitude practice working?  Still feeling pulled in a million directions?  Like there isn’t enough time to catch your breath, let alone do all of the things you’ve planned?

And, just to ratchet up the tension a little bit more, this is the time of year when most of us start thinking about our next year–our big plans, our goals, our gotta-make-it-happen’s for 2015.

We have a solution to help you focus. 

First, let yourself off the hook from thinking about next year. Fully enjoy the holiday season – the present buying, the family traveling, the cooking and cookies and carousing. Enjoy every second as much as you possibly can, and grab every moment of peace wherever you can.

And then, come join us in February, for The Creative Executive Immersion – a world class retreat for female professionals to help you refresh, recalibrate, and realign for 2015.

Think farm-to-table, multi-sensory experience that helps you relax, reflect and make some plans for the year ahead.  We’ll have a healthy dose of group and individual time as well as planned activities and free time.  You’ll walk away with insights, knowledge, and mojo so you can impact your life, your teams, and your work in new ways for 2015.

If you are a woman, take a peek here.

If you are man, perhaps you know some female creative executives in your life that could use this either on your teams or at home.

Give them a gift that they desperately need and will never forget.

And we have a company sponsorship page if your company covers all or portions of professional development here.

We wish a safe, happy holiday season.  

We’ll be taking the holidays off and back in January with some announcements for 2015 and a heightened passion and energy to help you get where you want to go.

Championing you and your greatness always!

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