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The Creative Executive Reflects on the Best of 2014
Part One

I love this time of year. From celebrating friends and family, to taking much needed time away, to preparing for the year ahead – it’s an amazing time to reflect and to look forward.

So as 2015 approaches, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite articles (both original and ones we discovered) and resources for Creative Executives.

This is the first of a two-part series. Enjoy!

Best of the Blog:

The No. 1 Leadership Skill? Know Thyself – Before you even think about what’s ahead in 2015, take a moment to check in with yourself! Strengths, Values, and Emotions are high on the agenda in this article. Bonus links include our strengths test and values assessment, a great reflection tool for those serious about 2015 planning.

Do Your Actions Today Match Your Goals For Tomorrow? – What better way to kick of thinking about 2015 than with a little visioning? In this article we encourage you to make the time to think about what’s ahead. And there is no better time than the turn of the New Year!

The Gift of Risk – In September we celebrated Risk. So our challenge to you is – what risks are you going to take in 2015? Some may be big and bold, and others may take little risks everyday to keep their business and their vision moving forward. No matter your approach, we encourage you to acknowledge and celebrate the reward risk brings!

Why You Need an Army of Entrepreneurs – Speaking of risks, our next recommendation in our 2014 round up is about entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (aka, those employees who help grow a company from the inside). No matter your role or that of your team, learn why the entrepreneurial spirit is key to keep organizations on track.

And a few more articles that are what we think are the best of the Web:

Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design – The team at Wired espouses on creativity, innovation, and why getting it wrong can be right.

How Creative Hobbies Make Us Better At Basically Everything – Make 2015 your year to Make (via FastCo)!

Why Experts Reject Creativity – Excellent piece via The Atlantic on some of the bias that works against creative thinking.

Don’t Do What you Love – A powerfully honest piece by Rachel Nabors.

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity – I mean, it’s hard to beat a Harvard Business review article by the head of Pixar himself.

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