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Your Creative Juice

I want you to remember the last time you felt really creative.

Perhaps it was…

– an idea you had in the shower one morning that gave you a solution that allowed you to have a win-win with your client

– a conversation you had with your boss where you ‘thought on your feet’ in a way that allowed for the green light to happen on a project you’d been championing for a while

– or maybe it was the experience of working with a team where you felt everyone complemented one another, so the day-to-day experience of of working together felt creative and collaborative

How did it feel?  Maybe it looked a little like this:
The Creative Process

People have their own creative indexes.  For me, creativity can feel really hard in the moment…but I notice that what happens in the process of creation is that I lose time because I’m so engaged in the making, whether it be an idea or product or altering a process.

One of the big things I’ve noticed in my work with creative companies is that frequently the cultures within creative companies and the process of how work gets done are the polar opposite of creative.  The pace and cadence of client relationships can make creativity feel like a grind rather than a valuable commodity.

You can feel the effects of that monotony on the spirit and excitement of the people working there.

We all know that at the end of the day, it’s about the work.  Period.  Without great work, you don’t sustain.

However, the forces that produce great work are humans – including you.  Moreover, humans need to feel inspired, connected, and playful to be the incredible creating machines we’ve come to expect.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All Work and No Play

How can you architect more inspiration and creativity? How can you bring play into the office to leverage the creative capital of your organization?

I invite you to take a look at your work practices as a company and individual this month. In your creative output, where do you feel like you are stuck in Groundhog Day and where do you feel inspired in your work?

Now take a look at your team and teammates.  What’s their resonance these days?  Are you helping each other with focus, excitement and interest? Or are you all individually plodding through to the finish line with little interest in engaging along the way?

Often, it doesn’t take a complete refresh to close the inspiration gaps.  A simple step or two can make a big impact.

Connect with yourself. Converse with those up, down, and across.

You have all that you need at your fingertips. Put that power to good use.

We are always here to champion you and help you get there.

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