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Hire, Cultivate, and Retain the Right Talent with the 9X9 Team Assessment

Hire, Cultivate, and Retain the Right Talent on Your Team

The 9x9 Team Assessment can help you hire, cultivate and retain the right talent on your team - The Creative Executive

Workplace changes triggered by the pandemic, economic uncertainty created by shifting marketing conditions, and a challenging labor market have forced companies to rethink their talent strategy and how to protect their most valuable assets–most notably, their people.

These challenges amplify at the day-to-day level for leaders who manage teams. Producing great work that gets results requires leaders to have a blended understanding of their teams as a unit and as a mix of distinct people in different roles. 

Leaders face a myriad of talent questions:

  1. How are our people performing–are they thriving, flailing, or somewhere in between?
  2. Are our people in the right roles–right now and in the near future?
  3. What gaps do we have—who do we need to hire and why?

The 9×9 Team Assessment can help you address all three of these team talent questions.

The 9×9 Team Assessment

At the Creative Executive, we believe that awareness is power. We partner with corporate clients to help them increase awareness and drive strategic actions by running assessment and leadership development programs across organizations. View more about our offerings here.

The 9x9 Team Assessment can give you essential insights about your team + help you figure out the Where, Who, and What you need to help your team succeed. - The Creative Executive

For individual leaders, the 9×9 Team Assessment can give you essential insights about your team and help you figure out the WHERE, WHO, and WHAT you need to help your team succeed. The 9×9 Team Assessment can increase your awareness of your team and form the backbone of any strategic decisions you must make about your team or its members.

The simplest way to think about the 9×9 tool is as a map, correlating your team members’ potential with their ability to meet or exceed expectations. Managers and leaders gain insight into their team’s makeup and operating dynamics, thus enabling them to get the most from their people and ensure the best person/position fit across the board. The 9×9 can help you answer your most pressing talent questions.

Get Insight Into These Talent Questions with the 9X9

How do we retain our high-performing, high-potential people?

One of the most significant benefits of the 9×9 framework is clearly and concretely identifying your highest potential, highest performing talent.

In understanding where your best people are, you have a heightened ability to support them and address any gaps or breakdowns in their current roles. Identifying your top talent allows you to better recognize these individuals for their accomplishments and contributions to the team. Addressing misalignments in person/position fit can improve morale, create additional buy-in from these individuals, and more effectively retain them in the organization.

How do we leverage and cultivate our teams?

In addition to identifying your highest-performing team members, the 9×9 assessment also helps you clearly see your team’s overall makeup and operating dynamics.

In utilizing the tool, you’re able to understand each contributing member, their distinct strengths and growth areas, and, based on your team’s function and goals for the year, make the changes necessary to both further empower your top performers and also to support or realign positions for the other members of your team. This reduces role overlap and any bottlenecks or breakdowns in the team’s function.

Addressing skill gaps and ensuring everyone’s in their zone of strength as much as possible, you optimize the overall effectiveness of your team and improve everyone’s engagement.

How do we hire the right talent for our teams?

The best way to hire is with a clear and detailed understanding of what’s most needed. The 9×9 tool helps you do this in more ways than one.

By intimately understanding the operating makeup of your team and, as a result, what’s missing, you can more effectively hire the right talent. The 9×9 assessment can provide a clear overview of the skillsets and personality types currently missing from your team, making the entire process of marketing open roles easier and more efficient.

The clearer you are in what you want, the faster you can make it happen.

Download Your 9×9 Team Assessment

Ultimately, there are myriad ways to go about improving your talent strategy. Every leader and every company will find their best fit using a different tool or framework.

The 9×9 team assessment, when applied intentionally, will help you better understand your people, improve your team morale, and support you in powerfully navigating the uncertainty ahead.

Ready to gain new awareness and leverage your team?