map your team talent with the 9x9 assessment

Understand your team better

You may or may not be hiring, but we’ll bet you are focused on retaining your high-performers. Are you making the most of your people’s strengths based on the results your business needs? Do you have the right balance of people on your team to meet your objectives?  The 9×9 team assessment will give you a baseline for how your team functions, and provide insights into whether you have the right people in the right roles for success. This exercise is about how your team functions as a whole and less about individuals, because a thriving team can help you keep the people you can’t afford to lose.

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ready to map your team talent?
  • Identify roles that need development,
    support, or a rethink
  • Figure out your top performers. Are they thriving?
  • Uncover the gaps and bottlenecks in your team
  • Maximize how your team functions… together


WATCH: Lead Trainer and Creative Executive Coach Lauren Russo explains how to use your learnings from this exercise.

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