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Single-Topic Learning + Development for Executives and Teams

Deepening engagement through learning

Our team creates customized training and workshops based on your specific organizational needs and goals. Designed to be fun, engaging, and interactive, our workshops help individuals and teams communicate and collaborate better, unlock potential, and generate real breakthroughs in business and life. Every workshop, regardless of the topic, encourages leaders to shift from a reactive style of leadership to one focused on driving results with a proactive and creative approach. You’ll walk away from our workshops with new ideas and tangible action items to move you and your team forward.

  • Typically 1.5 to 3-Hour Sessions
  • Presented Remotely or In Person
  • Scaled for Your Group Size
The Creative Executive case study scaling leadership for the future

Executive Presence + storytelling Workshops

Executive communication

Storytelling for Leaders
Cultivate Your Executive Presence
Internal Communication for Hybrid Teams
Navigating Difficult Conversations with Ease
How to Network Like a Human
Business Writing Skills
Communication Strategies for Technical Experts
Next-Level Presentation Skills
Negotiation Tactics for High-Stakes Conversations
Communication Strategies for Introverts
Communicating Your Vision as a Leader
The Gift of Feedback
The Art of Talking About Yourself
Remote Presentation Skills
Influencing with Values-Based Communication

using data + story to influence

Data dumps are boring. Decision-makers want to be influenced by recommendations that tell a story with data. Whether you’re preparing for an important meeting, conversation, or presentation, this workshop will help you get more buy-in. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze your audience to understand what story they want (and need) to hear
  • Use story structures to organize your content
  • Create dramatic tension that keeps audiences engaged from start to finish
  • Seal the deal with clear, compelling calls to action

team strategy + cohesion workshops

Designing team Reinvention

A facilitated analysis process that helps your team renegotiate how they work in the post-pandemic workspace. This workshop helps everyone see what is possible in the effort to get the results you need.

Making meetings matter

Whether you are running an all-hands meeting or quarterly employee reviews, this workshop will help you stop steamrollers before they start, draw out the quiet experts in the room, be strategic with your slide deck, and keep your agenda on track.

Improv-BASED Team Building

Bring some play into your team dynamic with improv. We design a fun interactive experience to help you level-up your communication, collaboration and feedback skills.

Teams in Transition

We will guide your team through the process of reintegrating the workplace. Repair relationships, improve social cohesion, and co-create a vision for the future in this 3-session series.

Culture + employee engagement workshops

Mission Control: Team + Values

In this interactive workshop your team will bond and learn the dynamics of productive, successful teams. We’ll also spend time on values and culture building and how to leverage diversity in thought.

Open space Experiences

Increase participation and project ownership and create more room for idea and solution generation, and feedback on projects, processes, or systems.  Engage employees, clients, or partners, in groups ranging from 20-2,000+ people.

Culture Conversations

This is an opportunity to invite a diverse group of participants to talk about your workplace’s existing culture, opportunities to improve leader success, and co-creating the culture of the future to enhance its impact through employee experience.

Facilitated Conversations + LIstening Circles

Our team can design a  conversation framework around a topic area you designate based on your culture needs.

  • Staying present and open while holding hard conversations
  • What it means to empower inclusive leadership.
  • Keeping a productive dialog about DEI in your organization.


Productivity + Time Management
Everyday Inclusivity for Teams
Managing + Navigating Change
The Art of Leadership

Building + Repairing Trust
Creativity + Innovation
Intergenerational Work Dynamics
Why Belonging Belongs in DEI

We can also design a custom workshop around your organization’s or team’s current challenges and goals.

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