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The Year of Refinement


Sometimes we think we have to do a lot or change a lot to get where we want to go. But lately a different approach has made a big impact for both me and my clients. The best part? It doesn’t involve looking outside of yourself for solutions.

I decided that 2015 would be my Year of Refinement. And I’m talking about refinement in all its meanings.

– “Remove impurities and unwanted elements.”
Check. These are the stumbling blocks – like a habit or belief about yourself – that keeps you from your biggest, boldest life.

– “Improvement of clarification of something by making small changes.”
Check. Do you ever get hung up on the idea that getting what you want will take too many changes? Or changes that are too big? I’m going to bet that smaller shifts will make a bigger difference than you realize.

– “Cultured elegance in behavior or manner.”
Check. What’s more elegant than knowing your essence and living it?

I saw these ideas play out in early February, when I hosted seven successful female Creative Executives from across the country for three days of refinement.

We looked at what wasn’t working for them professionally and personally — the things that were blocking their bigger purpose, passion, and leadership in the world. They left with dynamic plans we created from what was already there in their lives – we just had to reorganize a little. And they left with new clarity, inspiration, and ease.

They felt the lightness and the creative freedom that comes from shedding the things that aren’t working.

That’s the thing about refinement.  It doesn’t require a lot of extra work.  But it does require our discipline and commitment – and, most importantly, our willingness to look at where we are getting in our own way in our life and work goals.

I have countless stories of clients who had cornered themselves by thinking that the “way it was” was the “way it had to be.” With some self-awareness  — and some major balls — they put themselves out there in a new way, and they got what they wanted —usually without changing jobs or making other major life changes.

Just remember – it’s all in there.  You have everything you need already.   How can you refine your approach and experience to get closer to what you want?  Look for small tweaks that will make a big impact.

And if you need help, you know where to find us – ready to champion and challenge you to meet your greatness.



Please note this article was originally posted on Jen Spencer Coaches’ Blog.


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