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The Art of Leadership

A personal note from Founder, Jen Spencer

ce-logoCreative leadership has become quite a hot topic these days, and I’ve been fortunate to build my business helping creative executives achieve more. Now I’m taking things to the next level with my new offering for creative leaders interested in making real, measurable changes in their life’s work.

Before I dive in to that, I want to talk a little more about why I’ve chosen this tribe to operate in.

I’m continually impressed and inspired by the desire creative executives have to improve their leadership skills. Even at the top of their game, they don’t settle for what is; they strive for more. They’re naturally curious and want to understand their business, their teams, and ultimately their impact.

I’ve seen great creative leaders develop visions, bring great ideas to life, and foster talent. They curate collective thinking into smart business solutions. They create the path ahead.

And yet, despite all of this, so many creative executives hit walls in their own development. They get so busy doing their day-to-day work that they don’t have time to concentrate on what types of leaders they want to evolve into. They lack a few basic tools to take their game to the next level. Or they have some tools, but aren’t using them in an effective way.

But once you get creative executives talking and thinking about leadership, they light up and engage. It always amazes me what comes out with a little focus and conversation.

What I believe —and have seen to be true—is that leadership is a form of art and mastery. A lot comes naturally. And a lot of it needs nurturing, too. No two leaders are the same, and that’s the beauty of it: Discovering and developing your best self.

After weighing all of this with what I’ve seen work to make powerful changes in people’s lives, I decided to create a solution for creative executives to tap into their best selves and change their lives for the better.  The Creative Executive brand will provide content and development programs to help lead and manage self, team, and culture to create these innovative business solutions.

Stay tuned for more details to come soon!

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