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17 Ways to Care for Your Body, Mind + Spirit During Quarantine

We’re betting that you have been tested these past few weeks and have experienced resistance in ways you never thought possible. Here’s a curated list of all sorts of goodness for your mind, body, and spirit for this very weird time period.

Take Care of Your Body

1. Enjoy some comfort food. This chicken pot pie is The Best Recipe Ever. It’s by Alana of ALittleBitYummy.com. Alana helps people with food allergies, intolerances and other issues around the globe every day.

And she has gifted my favorite recipe to our community. Can’t have dairy? Use alternatives. Don’t eat meat? You don’t need it. The dish is rich, packed with veggies and is so comforting.

I love Alana’s recipes and the mission. Please share her site with those who have celiac and IBS. Her monthly plans are beyond approachable.

2. Learn some new moves. Check out free dance classes online, from tango to ballet. I discovered dance in my 40s, and it’s been such a beautiful way to use my body and mind at the same time. Ready to experience structure and creativity all in one hour or less?

3. Stretch hourly. Your home desk probably isn’t as ergonomically friendly as your office desk. And you’re probably spending way too much time at it. So set a timer and stretch every hour. Your body will thank you.

4. Get Vitamin D. Go outside if you can. Every day. The sun is good for you. And so are fresh air and nature. Just stay 6 feet from others, of course.

5. Treat yourself. This DIY sugar scrub is an easy and simple treat for your skin and your senses. Kids LOVE helping to make it – especially if they get to use some. You probably have most of the ingredients without a grocery/Amazon delivery.


Take Care of Your Mind

6. Get informed. We love this talk from a pulmonologist at Cornell’s NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. It’s one hour and worth every minute. It’s also informative, strangely comforting and real. I might watch it a few more times before we are less socially distant.

7. Opt-in or out. An idea to consider for your workplace: At Red Velvet Events, they have a separate COVID-19 Slack channel. Staffers who want to dive in or share information have the opportunity. But those who need some space don’t have to tune in.

8. Find some clarity. Hate uncertainty? We feel you. But this is something we all have to work through. Observe it. Accept it. Work with breath. Or meditation. Or both. It’s all about finding a way to get clear about what is actually happening vs. what your mind thinks is happening. Free apps like Insight Timer are a great place to start. Headspace and Balance are subscription apps that offer free trials.

9. Define your boundaries. We are all figuring out what this means. Some questions to reflect on:

  • What time can you secure for yourself daily/weekly/monthly?
  • When are you available to work? When you are available for your home life?
  • What are some ways to have structured freedom?


Make Remote Work Easier

10. Set up your home base. No desk? Consider this compact folding table. No assembly required!

11. Boost your internet. All of us working from home are slowing down the internet. (Really!) We’re adding ethernet cables at our house to make sure there are no glitches during those important video chats. We’re also trying a network extender.

12. Level up your calls. Ring lights will help you glow on video. And you can free up your hands with an iPhone tripod. And, seriously, AirPods (or lower-priced dupes) are a game-changer. (This is coming from someone who was dubious for a long time.)

13. Build your skills. Until we can all get back to in-person events, you can keep learning through platforms like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning.


Find Some Joy

14. Learn and grow. Think beyond your job role when it comes to online learning. Taking a class on something seemingly unrelated can give you an infusion of energy and creativity. And you have so many options:

  • Woodworking, cheese making, harvesting honey, blacksmithing — you’ll find them all at The Ploughshare.
  • MasterClass features luminaries like Annie Leibowitz, Spike Lee, David Axelrod, Karl Rove, Steve Martin, Stephen Curry and on and on …
  • Class Central offers classes from Harvard and Yale for FREE!
  • Need a little more structure than online learning typically provides? Christine Garvey’s Creative Momentum course is currently sold out, but it won’t be her last.

15. Clean out your closet. Laurel Kinney has helped me evolve my style over the past five years, and she can help you, too! She’s a big fan of the capsule wardrobe. And she is offering a $40 closet sort class here.

16. Experience improv. Join Shana Merlin, one of our trainers and our resident improv expert, in a FREE online show, “Edge Control,” from 8 to 9 p.m. CST on April 12.

17. Watch with the kids (or not). These 3- to 6-minute videos from incredibly talented young artists will bring a smile to your face – whether you have children or not!