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Discover, Engage, and Retain Talent with 360 Assessments

Data Doesn’t Tell The Whole Leadership Story

The Creative Executive - Discover, Engage, and Retain Top Talent with 360 Assessments

Retaining talent is one of the most consistent challenges we hear from our clients. For successful, growing companies that have worked hard to establish an intentional culture, it’s never been more crucial to rethink and refresh your investment in your executives and senior leaders. Hiring and onboarding are hugely time-consuming and expensive, even before calculating the lost knowledge base and relationships of losing top talent. 

A tool we often facilitate for corporate clients who want to invest in their high-performing executives (or discover high performers in the making) and clients struggling to retain their high performers is the 360 assessment. Data doesn’t tell the whole leadership story (for the individual or company level), but a 360 assessment paints a fuller picture. Through 360 assessments, executives discover nuanced insight that helps them amplify their “superpowers” and uncover weak spots that may hold them back.

The future of work requires leaders to excel at soft skills like empathy, adaptability, and listening. A 360 assessment helps executives understand how they show up with these harder-to-measure human skills.

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