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Lauren Russo



VP of Coaching + Practice Lead

Austin, TX




Lauren is a dynamic coaching presence with ten years and 3,000+ hours of experience guiding creative executives to a demonstrated track record of success. Appreciated for her ability to navigate the complexities of business leadership with finesse, Lauren helps leaders and teams adapt and respond swiftly to changing circumstances and scale their leadership with flexibility, strategic agility, effective communication, and the capability to make informed decisions despite incomplete information.

In her coaching work, Lauren is committed to facilitating a transformative shift in mindset and behaviors by offering practical frameworks grounded in real-world understanding. Her customized approach brings clarity and efficiency to decision-making but also addresses the nuanced, harder-to-measure aspects of leading with humanity in a highly reactive world. This dual focus ensures that the insights gained are applicable, inclusive, and adaptable to the specific context of each leader she works with.

Described as an honest, warm, and supportive ally, Lauren excels in offering unwavering support while remaining objective during challenging situations and transitions. Her pragmatic and reality-based approach resonates particularly well with neurodivergent individuals, marginalized groups, and those in creative fields. Clients appreciate her ability to draw from a wealth of strategic business understanding, creative problem-solving skills, and an empathetic and emotionally intelligent approach.

n addition to 1:1 coaching, Lauren’s expertise includes workshop facilitation, Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessments and debriefs, and organizational consulting for leadership and talent development programs. She works with leaders across all organizational tiers in companies of varying sizes, from small businesses to large enterprise entities and Fortune 100 companies, spanning the industries of tech, marketing, film, architecture, design, sales, government, and higher education. An integral member of The Creative Executive team for over a decade, Lauren is not just a coach but an architect of transformative experiences for individuals, groups, and organizations.

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Focus + Specialties

  • Change Management
  • Scaling Leadership
  • Leading in VUCA Contexts
  • Productivity + Time Management
  • Feedback + Communication
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership + Management
  • Persuasion + Influence
  • Team Dynamics
  • Personal Brand
  • Mentoring Program Design

Industry Experience

  • Tech
  • Marketing,  Communications + PR
  • Architecture + Design
  • Sales + Consulting
  • Higher Education
  • Public Sector
  • Nonprofits + Social Enterprises
  • Film


Feeling stuck or overthinking something? Action is the key to clarity.

Degrees + Certifications

BA, English Language and Literature // University of Virginia

MA, English Language and Literature // University of Virginia

Martha Beck Certified Life Coach 2013

Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment Certified 2018

Nonprofit Management Certificate 2010

Company Experience

Agencies in the Omnicom and Publicis networks,
Ann Inc.,
Capital One,
City of Austin,
Condé Nast,
CRC Insurance, a Truist Company,
TBG Landscape Architecture,


In a year where all of the rules have changed, Lauren Russo has helped me navigate my professional growth and improved my skills in mentoring younger Circle of Women participants. As a seasoned vet in the industry, there isn’t much that I haven’t encountered. Lauren’s unique perspective and coaching style have challenged my thinking and have forced me to revisit expectations of myself, the organization, and the evolving world. Working with Lauren has allowed me to discover new desires and pursuits with a clear path to achieving them.

- Renee, Senior Executive, TBWA