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Jasmine Najmi


VP of Operations

Jasmine Najmi is an experienced operational leader with over a decade of hands-on experience in business development, operational change management, and entrepreneurship. As The Creative Executive’s VP of Operations, Jasmine keenly observes the evolving work landscape and designs solutions to help us work better, encouraging better collaboration and cultivating team well-being.

Her expertise spans industries, including tech, insurance, e-commerce, production, customer success, beauty, and enterprise people management. Drawing from her extensive industry exposure, Jasmine offers valuable guidance and support to executives, business owners, and our coaching partners. Jasmine excels in driving transformations, scaling, and fine-tuning operational efficiencies. She does this through optimizing goal-setting, fostering proactive decision-making, mastering time and project management, ensuring accountability, cultivating the right mindset, nurturing relationships, and enhancing communication.

Our clients and coaching partners appreciate Jasmine’s guidance, confidently helping us anticipate and achieve concrete, tangible outcomes and strategize for the long term. With her dedication to mentorship, diversified knowledge, and industry experience, Jasmine is a valuable asset in leadership development and operational excellence.

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