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How to Help Your Team Thrive

Welcome to June!

This past month we’ve focused on managing your people. Whether you are a solopreneur working with contract teams or an executive managing a large team of people internally, these principles apply although the context might shift.

Micromanagement – How can you tell if you are micromanaging your people?

Entrepreneurial Talent – The imperative need for this type of person on your team and how you can identify the attributes that make talent entrepreneurial.

Millennials* – Understanding who they are and how to leverage their talent.
*This is a two-part series.

By giving clear expectations, managing your own anxiety, and hiring the right type of person for your team, you help yourself and your team trump the game you’re playing.

You have all the tools at your fingertips.  Stay Inspired.  Stay Focused.  Stay in Action.

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