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3 DEI Consultants You Should Meet

Many organizations are looking at their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. My team has been heartened by our clients’ proactivity on this issue. They have rolled up their sleeves, started the work, and are refining their efforts through action.

These three women have been doing a tremendous amount of work around DEI initiatives in organizations. Learn a bit about what excites them in their work.

Hakemia Jackson // Organizational Change Expert + Executive Coach

Three DEI Consultants You Should Know - The Creative Executive

Hakemia is a professional executive coach and an organizational change strategist who believes that organizational transformation occurs when we authentically engage in the collective intelligence of diverse people, processes, and technology. She has more than 18 years of corporate and consulting experience in the oil and gas industry, utilities, and food and beverage industry, specializing in the development of business and Talent Management strategies that stimulate the generation of long-term sustainable value. She has coached and developed CEOs and their teams in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.

When it comes to DEI work, Hakemia likes to refer to it as DEI+B: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Belonging. She believes that all four are essential to organizational growth and imperative to thrive in this new normal. Recent client work has involved partnering with executives to lead the transformation of complex cultures into human-centric cultures of inclusivity and innovation. She has conducted healing forums, facilitated inclusion circles, and led strategy sessions that look beyond policies and hiring practices. Her focus is on building an emotional management approach to support those underrepresented resources within an organization. Only then is it possible to create a truly equitable experience for all.

Organizations much look beyond policies or hiring practices, to building an emotional management approach to support underrepresented resources to create a truly equitable experience for all. - Hakemia Jackson

Diversity, Hakemia says, is like a beautiful mosaic…priceless. Beyond that, DEI+B initiatives ripple out into bottom-line benefits, such as increased retention and long-term sustainability.

Mindy Gulati // Founder + CEO of Fundamental Advisory

Mindy designs strategic plans, drafts policies and procedures, and creates custom content and workshops for organizations around the country. Her focus is anti-racism and equity, implicit bias awareness, creating inclusive and innovative cultures, educating on the ethical implications of bias, as well as guiding organizations on legal issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination. Mindy regularly tackles complex issues such as racial tensions at the workplace, implicit and explicit bias in decision making, creating culturally competent workplaces, compensation equity, and ethical leadership and management.

Embedding equity and inclusion into business processes is the most effective and culture-shifting way to approach this work. - Mindy Gulati

What Mindy found most exciting this summer, was working with so many new clients on their DEI strategic approach and aligning that with the values and mission of their organization. After working with countless clients, Mindy is passionate about the idea that equity and inclusion have to be embedded into business processes. She believes this is the most effective and culture-shifting way to approach this work. Mindy has been digging deep with clients over the summer and she sees some remarkable mountains being moved towards greater equity and inclusion.

Angelia Pelham // HR Consultant + Executive Coach

After 30 years as a human resources executive, Angelia Pelham is now an HR consultant and executive coach at her own firm, Real-Talk Executive Coaching & Mentoring. Her focus is on developing women in the workplace. Angelia affirms, empowers, and coaches women to bring their most confident and authentic selves to the workplace. Angelia has served as the chief human resources officer of Main Event Entertainment, as executive vice president and chief human resources officer for Cinemark Holdings, and as senior vice president of human resources at Dave & Buster’s. Her HR experience also includes Walt Disney World, PepsiCo, and Frito-Lay.

This summer, Angelia has been hard at work helping executive teams align on DEI initiatives. As with many large organizations, cultural change is a long-term strategic effort, one that won’t have success unless the stakeholders are on the same page. Angelia’s work with these clients has helped them figure out their DEI goals, establish buy-in from their executive teams, and begin to make changes working towards their common goals.

DEI efforts are the kind of strategic work that will never be 100% complete. Most importantly, organizations and teams should keep at it over the long haul. We are proud of our clients.

You gotta start somewhere, and they’ve started in action.

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