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A New Decentralized Leadership Development Approach


A successful science and tech consultancy, serving clients in both the public and private sectors, wanted to create more consistent leadership practices across the organization by developing the senior leaders with an individual, decentralized approach.


The company has a high performance-focused and dynamic culture. Most of the executive leadership had been with the company for most of their careers. Company loyalty was high because they recognized that they were able to thrive in roles not achievable in other companies.

During a period of growth, the company needed to evolve from a founder-based leadership culture where everyone emulates or yields to the founder’s style, and builds an environment where individual leaders develop a unique style around their strengths, experience, and expertise. The goal was to help leaders develop around what they have to offer as individuals, to the company culture as a whole.


Including CEO, VPs +
Senior Leaders


Company growth in
size + revenue


Working with the CEO, VPs, and senior leaders (five executives in total), The Creative Executive team helped them navigate growth and new market demands, and develop a new approach to organizational leadership.

  • The company has grown 35 percent in size and revenue over that period. Leaders needed to coalesce around the right people for the organization and be willing to let the wrong people go.
  • CEO understands how to communicate what he wants from his VPs and senior leaders, so there is more clarity and vision when meeting objectives.
  • Leaders are more confidently in managing their high stress, highly reactive work through prioritization,time and project management, and solving problems efficiently. In short, company executives have learned to be more strategic with their time and energy.



Many coaches and coaching organizations “amp” leaders up but vanish when it comes to implementation. Jen, Lauren, and their team coach our people all the way through the last mile. Spanning strategy and tactics makes a huge difference. I especially appreciate how C/E strategies and frameworks have stayed with our people for many years. The Creative Executive strikes a great balance between context-specific work and universal, enduring tools that executives can use their whole career. Our team communicates both internally and externally an order of magnitude better than we did before The Creative Executive.