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Achieving Impact and Influence in a Highly Reactive Workplace Culture


A trusted and beloved female director at a Fortune 1000 tech company, was a strong, natural leader but she lacked assertiveness and decisiveness in a chaotic and challenging environment. Reactive dynamics, fragmented visions, and indecisive leaders had resulted in misaligned leadership with competing visions and lack of direction.

Executive leadership expressed a desire to help her develop her voice, set clear direction, and then drive toward that vision with her teams and the broader leadership team.


  • Be more assertive, vocal, and confident with team and leadership.
  • Increase influence with the leadership team in helping shape vision through key decision-making.
  • Expand subject matter expertise as well as her leadership skills in fostering team collaboration.
  • Once the client was clear on her impact (positive and negative), we focused on shifting her mindset on how to motivate people to do quality work and collaborate better around goals, thereby changing her approach with colleagues and reports.


Leading with strategy and vision, she helped the team be more productive by driving a new set of KPI’s.

The teams had to adapt to new job performance standards, using KPI’s that required analytical and result-oriented alignment with the organization’s vision.

She adapted better leadership skills for her team.

She diversified the team, removed some poor performers, and made strategic hires to fill the talent gaps. Existing team members stepped up to take on more responsibility, ownership of results, and team management.

She increased her leadership influence.

She was put in charge of several new initiatives with no prior invitation.

Navigated some potentially political fallouts, but also won an award on top of it. Our client was recognized for being a maven at managing multiple priorities, as a great collaborator in partnership with stakeholders, and for vocalizing expertise with a positive attitude.

Our client left the coaching experience with a continued development plan, knowing what her successes were and her next steps in her growth.