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hone your virtual meeting skills

Virtual Meetings: A Handbook for Leaders is an executive playbook to help you whip your virtual meeting skills into shape.

Is your leadership screen-tested?

The stakes are the same whether you are in-person or on-screen – you need to bring together the right people in the right way to do great work. However, in all the leadership development you’ve done in your career, when was the last time you learned how to engage your teams and organizations virtually? We’ll bet never.

Enter Virtual Meetings: A Handbook for Executives & Leaders, your leadership playbook for our hybrid and remote reality.

Virtual Meetings Handbook for Leaders - The Creative Executive

Our Handbook will help you:

  • Choose the right technology for your goals + message
  • Assign meeting roles + responsibilities
  • Engage + connect with your audience
  • Make a plan, for before, during + after your meeting
  • Conserve your executive function for the things that matter

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The Creative Executive is a leadership development firm that works with companies that are passionate about their work and impact–from creative technology to government and insurance. We provide 1:1 strategic coaching, training and workshops, and events-based learning experiences for successful companies that seek to invest in, support, and uplevel their executives and leaders.

Elizabeth Goins has devoted her life to teaching others and loves helping people discover and build new speaking confidence to accomplish their goals. With a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from UT Austin, she provides team training as well as 1:1 coaching to executives. Elizabeth has a great ability to connect with clients from a variety of backgrounds. Clients love her honest, approachable, engaging communication style, as well as her wealth of research-based knowledge and practical expertise.

Enter Virtual Meetings: A Handbook for Executives & Leaders, your leadership playbook for oThe Virtual Meetings Handbook for Leaders was a collaboration between The Creative Executive, Jespersen & Associates, and business communications expert Elizabeth Goins Ph.D.