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10 Years, People! A LOT Happens in 10 Years

As I’m coming across my 10-year anniversary this month, I’ve been reflecting on the immense amount I’ve learned about myself, about business, and about humans.

Here are just a few things I wanted to share …

We need a human approach.
Humanity is creative and messy and magical. As technology, automation, and challenging markets lead to less and less stability and certainty, we need to be humans with each other and our teams. It helps create cohesion and meaning. We need people to slow down enough to have conversations and dialogue and connection. Most of my work with clients is about communication: which conversations people should be having, with whom, and how. Be with each other more. Productivity matters, but without the human resonance, it’s just another data point.

We need to own our path.
While I see a lot of similarities among groups of people based on level, industry, or phase of life, no two people have the exact same situation. We can look to others for guidance, but there is no formula. Our beautiful, imperfect lives are ours to nurture and grow. The path doesn’t end until we are dead.

We need change.
The catalysts for change for the business and myself over these last few years have ranged from market need to vision to personal desire.

Change is not for the faint of heart, and it’s the only way we grow. People willing to develop themselves and create change are big heroes in my world. The key is to do this authentically, responsibly, and with kindness to yourself and others. Like I said, it’s hard and requires courage. What are you ready to get rid of or take on to change how you feel/be/do?

We need team.
I would never have made it without team. Period.

It just wouldn’t have been sustainable. While most of us know we can’t do it alone, we still try to — often. It’s easy to forget how important your team is (in work and outside of it). And people can never be acknowledged enough (even Millennials. ☺︎)

Do me a favor and thank someone on your team today. Whether it’s your spouse, your boss, your best friend, your assistant, or your well-intentioned mercurial planner who is always trying to push an idea forward.

We need soul.
I love business, and it can easily take over my life (and, in all truth, has at certain times).

In those moments of overwhelm and uncertainty, it’s good to have something that can take you out of your mind and into another dimension within you: playing an instrument, meditating, praying, going to see beautiful art, dancing, singing, writing.

I started taking dance classes again last year after – well, a few (or more) years of not. First it was modern dance, and then I began ballet. It’s been such an incredible addition to my life. My husband even notices a dramatic difference in my presence and attitude when I go.

What do you do to tap into your being?

We need to know what matters most.
I’ve written much about values and priorities over the years, and I continue to feel their gravity. Clients who use them as guides in their work and personal lives feel more satisfied and tend to reach their goals quicker. It’s because they say no to what doesn’t fit, and they say “hell yes” to what does.

I keep my values listed on my weekly goals and actions lists. That way, I’m writing them every week, and they are easily accessible to my line of view whenever I look at my responsibilities for the week. The simple act of narrowing them down and then looking at them daily has influenced how I make decisions in my work and life for the better.

We need to celebrate.
Most Creative Executives I know are pretty shit at this part. We are an ambitious bunch, and it means we have lots of great work to do in the world. Which also means we often don’t slow down to appreciate the good stuff. If you don’t, most likely others won’t.

This is a work-in-progress for me to this day. I try to celebrate our work through gratitude with the team – expressing thanks for them being proactive, being ballers on tasks that I don’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole, and bringing their talents and skills to the work and our clients’ experiences.

Where can you be a merrymaker for those around you?

We need to make things.
Creative Executives need to see their ideas come to life. If you don’t have clients or work that allows for you to do this, you have to create it for yourself. My business has been a creative expression of who I am for the past 10 years. Whether it’s a thought leadership event or a handbook or a website, my efforts have been put forward creatively, and I can see the fruits of my labor. I’ve been feeling the itch to making something new for about six months now, and I’m starting to feel the form of what that will be coming to the surface. Creativity is starting to flow. Will it result in a podcast or a new handbook or something else? ☺︎

Thank you for being a part of this community, whether you joined us yesterday or 10 years ago.  We hope to continue to serve you and your work lives over the next 10!

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