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Jordan Mercedes Gets to the Heart of the Matter

Meet Our Creative Executive Coaches

At the Creative Executive, we work with some pretty amazing people. We work with teams who, as a collective, strive to communicate and collaborate better. We help our organizational clients improve how the work gets done throughout the organization, with an eye towards a more sustainable culture and profitable outcomes. We couldn’t do any of this work without our incredible team of coaches who work alongside these clients. In this ongoing series, we’ll be profiling all of our coaches. With decades of experience and expertise behind them, they help fuel the magic we facilitate for companies, teams, and leaders every day.

Jordan Mercedes‘ transition to executive coaching was a natural progression of her career. In past leadership roles, her approach was always to coach her team members, supporting them in realizing their strengths and going beyond their perceived limitations. In time, coaching was not merely a tool of her work but her primary practice. 

Over the past 5+ years as an executive coach, Jordan has learned a lot about what it takes to be an effective leader. She enjoys working in partnership with smart, accomplished visionaries and is constantly fascinated by how they contribute to the world with the work they do.

"Creative leadership is about enabling and supporting your people and the work they do in the present, while also remaining open to the opportunities of the emerging future." - Jordan Mercedes

Be inspired by the past, but create for the future

For years, leaders have looked to previous track records or data to drive a significant portion of decision making and vision-casting. Today, as Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the world, past data isn’t a reliable model for what’s happening now. Corporations and individuals are reckoning with shifting societal norms for work and life and important issues like social justice and racial inequality. The leaders who will thrive in this environment engage their teams on multiple fronts, from what we were before to what we are now to what we can become. “What’s deeply challenging about this reality,” Jordan says, “is leaders have to engage all three at the same time, resisting the temptation to take a ‘wait and see’ approach.” Soft skills such as being more relational and connected to their team, asking team members to share and offer their perspectives, and involving stakeholders in areas where they may have previously sat on the sidelines are paramount today. 

"What's deeply challenging about this reality, is leaders have to engage the past, present, and future at the same time, resisting the temptation to take a 'wait and see' approach." - Jordan Mercedes

Never before has it been more critical for a leader to be confident, but also self-aware and what Jordan calls “heart-engaged.” Your teams are remote working while doing meaningful work for the company and for the clients they serve. However, these team members still need to feel purpose, connection, and a sense of meaning in the work they are doing. Everyone is questioning their “why.” A creatively successful leader will help re-focus the work in these challenging times. Is it not simply about the “what,” but about our “why” and about our “who.” 

Successful, innovation-driving leaders and their teams read the tea leaves. They look at where they are now and then ask the question: What might be coming next? Then, they have the curiosity and courage to go for it.

Put your heart into it

The heart matters when you are doing good work in the service of a better future. Jordan works in partnership with her clients, helping them take their brilliance to the next level, using a strategic approach that includes being heart-engaged and heart-centered. Jordan’s experience has consistently proven that an accomplished professional who connects their brain and heart can make transformational changes that profoundly impact their work and lives.

The events of this year have only strengthened Jordan’s resolve as a leader and a coach. She finds herself bravely wading into new waters. There’s an earnestness with which companies and individuals are reckoning with our current moment. This has added a new level of authentic engagement to her work. Jordan finds herself regularly facilitating conversations about race, equity, and inclusion in ways that encourage unity, not division. She believes that organizations realize they need help, not only in productivity and performance matters but also in fostering safe workspaces where each person feels valued and understands the value of their contribution. 

In moments like the one we’re living through, it can be easy to slip into a cynical mindset about other human beings. Yet, Jordan’s headstrong belief in the inner greatness of every person is undeterred. Her clients, or “coaching partners,” as she likes to call them, never fail to inspire her. 

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